Buying your home is probably the biggest purchase that you will ever make. It is important therefore to choose the right mortgage to finace this purchase



There are two main types of loan:

This means that the loan is not tied to any item, such as your home. If you do not pay it off, you may face a poor credit rating in future, but you will not put your property in jeopardy. Of course, this means unsecured loans are more expensive, since the lender is taking more of a risk that it will not get its money back.

A secured loan is usually tied to your home. If you do not repay the loan, you could lose your home. Secured loans usually have lower interest rates than unsecured ones.


Credit Cards

With so many Credit Cards availalbe from so many different lenders, choosing the right one for you is a potential minefield. Find out what to look for before applying for a credit card.



Retirement may seem a long way off when you are starting out on your fisrt job, but the earlier you start paying into a pension scheme the better.


Credit history

Your credit history effects many things, more than you inially would imagine. This section has information about your credit history, some tips if oyu are in financial difficulty and details on how to check your credit rating.



Independant Savings Accounts (ISAs) are a great tax efficient way to save a regular amount or to invest a lump sum.



Investments come in many forms ranging from bank savings accounts to stocks and shares to property. Each type of investment carries its own risks and potential rewards. Choosing the right way to invest your funds is an important decision - this section outlines some of the things you should look for.



Seeking Independant Financial Advice is the best starting point when reviewing your personal financial situation. A good independant financial advisor (IFA) will assess your current situation and your financial goals and will make recommendations accordingly.



Had an accident that wasnt your fault, marital problems or serious debts, etc. Find out where you stand from a legal point of view.



Insurance is an integral part of modern day life, some types are required by law, such as car insurance or public liability insurance, and other kinds are to protect possessions and loved ones from loss or damage.

Insurance is basically a system of protection against loss in which a number of individuals agree to pay certain sums of money, called premiums, to create a pool of money which will guarantee that the individuals will be compensated for losses caused by events such as fire, accident, illness, or death.

Find out more about the different kinds of insurance from the following sections...


Share dealing

Share dealing is the process of buying and selling shares on a recognised stock exchange.

There are many different types of share, many different types of stock exchange and many different ways of buying and selling.

Find out more about buying and selling shares, how to interpret market information and what type of analysis tools are available.


Car Finance

Buying a new car is easier than ever before, with several different types of loan to suit your own personal needs and circumstances.


Spread Betting

Make tax free profits


Compass finance - secured loan


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