DVD - Digital Versatile/Video Disc
DVDR - DVD Recordable
DVDRW - DVD ReWriteable.

DVD standards

There are three DVD Recording standards:

DVD- and DVD+ have similiar features and are compatible with most standalone DVD Players and most DVD-ROMs

Both types support single side 4.37GB DVDs (DVD-5) and double side 8.75GB DVDs (DVD-10).

A dual layer writeable version of DVD+ exists (DVD+R DL). These discs can hold 7.95GB (DVD-9) single side or 15.9GB (dvd-18) double side.

DVD-RAM is less compatible with DVD Players and DVD-ROMs but has better recording features. It is incompatible with most DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players – but is used in many DVD Recorders.

DVD Write and read speeds

Single Layer(4.7GB) average write speeds

1x = 58 minutes
2x = 29 minutes
4x = 14.5 minutes
6x = 11 minutes
8x = 9 minutes
12x = 7 minutes
16x = 6.5 minutes

Dual Layer(8.5GB) average write speeds
1x = 105 minutes
2.4x = 44 minutes
4x = 27 minutes

Single Layer (4.7GB) approx. read speeds
6x (max 7.93MB/s) = 14 minutes
8x (max 10.57MB/s) = 10 minutes
12x (max 15.85MB/s) = 7 minutes
16x (max 21.13MB/s) = 5 minutes

Writing to a DVD requires extra processes compared to reading, hence the difference between read and write speeds.


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