Credit history check

See the information that financial organisations use when they do a credit check on you. You may be suprised to see how much detail they have access to.

A credit check can often be one of the first steps in fixing a bad credit record, because you can request that the credit reference agency fixes any errors or mistakes that you identify about your personal situation.

Who sees your credit history

You may be suprised to know how often organisations will perform a credit check on you. The obvoius ones would be where you are borrowing large amounts of money, for example when you take out a mortgage to buy a house or a loan for a new car, but there are many other situations where a credit check will be performed, for example when you take out a mobile phone contract or buy something with 0% finance.

Companies should ask your permission before performing a credit check on you, but if you refuse, then they will almost certainly refuse you credit.

Credit history check

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