Accident Compensation

If you have been injured at work, on the road or pavement, or in someone else’s property, you may well be entitled to claim compensation. Thousands of people each year fail to make claims for personal injury and lose out on money to which they may be entitled.

Compensation Payment

If someone else is to blame for your injury, you may be entitled to a compensation payment for:

-Medical costs
-Pain and suffering
- Loss of earnings
- Damage to your property

If you can prove that someone else has been negligent, or was in breach of a specific regulation designed to protect you, you may well be able to claim compensation.

Most employers, hospitals, local councils, property owners and motorists, are insured against such claims. Most compensation claims arise as a result of accidents at work or on the road and it is the insurer that will pay any compensation due. There are many circumstances that can give rise to claim such as:

Accident at work

An employer must adhere to strict health and safety rules. They must provide a safe work environment. If you have suffered injury or iincurred permanent damage from noise or fumes or even repetitive work. Your employer is required by law to have insurance to cover for any negligence or breach of statutory duty resulting in such damage.

Road accidents

If you have been involved in a road accident, even as a passenger or passer-by, and have suffered injuries which incurred medical costs and/or loss of earnings. you may be eligible to claim compensation.

Accident in a public place

Accidents that occur if there is a defect on property that is visited by the general public such as shopping centres, cinemas and offices can result in a successful compensation claim.

Owners of these premises are under obligation to ensure that the property is maintained to a safe standard. Local Authorities are responsible for the maintenance of pavements and roads and must make sure that the underfoot conditions are reasonably safe.

Psychological injury

If you have witnessed, or been involved in a particularly horrific accident, although not physically injured yourself, you may have suffered "nervous shock". Accidents can be very distressing and traumatic. Claims can be made for loss of earnings or any medical attention that you may have required.

Accident Compensation

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