Sports spread betting

Think you can predict the time of the first goal or the which player will score first in the big premiership football match?


Sports spread betting provides a different and exciting perspective for sports events compared with the traditional win, lose or draw bets.

With spread betting, the more right you are, the more you win. And with no commission to pay, those winnings are all yours. You don't have to be exactly right as well - as long as you are in the right direction, you will make a profit.

Unlike at traditional bookmakers, you can back something to do well (go high and BUY), or oppose something you don't fancy by laying it (go low and SELL).

Not only can you bet before the start of an event, but with spread betting you can also bet on markets during play - known as 'in-running'. On a live football match, for example, we offer an unrivalled 30 markets right up until the final whistle. Other competing bookmakers, however, only run three or four.

IG Index are the world leaders in spread betting.

Take a look at their informative website on sports betting.


Place 10 or more sports bets with IG Index and they will give you a free TWO HUNDRED POUNDS Supremacy or Total Goals bet on a live football match.

Sports spread betting

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