Business Insurance

There are a whole range of insurance policies on offer to cover all aspects of business, from public liability insurance to professional indemnity insurance.

The following section outlines the main areas in which a business might need to carry insurance...

Public Liability Isurance

This provides legal cover and protection against claims for which you would be legally liable for and brought to you by anyone other than your employees for bodily injury or loss or damage to property arising in the course of your business.

Employers Liability

This is only required if you have employees. This insurance is to protect employers against claims for bodily harm or death brought to employees in the course of employment ( this also includes injury by other employees, for whom the employer is liable). A certificate has to be displayed in a place that all can see.

Key Person (Key Man) Insurance

This insures your business against the loss of a key employee through disability or death. The money can be used in any way by a business deems appropriate, not just to train/hire a direct replacement. Key person cover can also be used to cover partners in a partnership, or shareholders in a privately owned company. Key person insurance can be particularly important in small businesses, where there may only be one person trained for a particular job.

Product Liability Insurance

This is a form of business insurance that covers you against legal liability if a product you manufacture is faulty, not to satisfactory quality, or not to specification; and causes damage to a person or business.

Business Interruption Insurance

This covers the business against unforeseen risks that cause it to lose money due to a loss of capacity or inability to continue business for a period of time.

Factory/Premises/Office Insurance

This usually covers the business for machinery and equipment, as well as fire and theft etc.

Business Insurance

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