Car Insurance

UK law states that anyone driving on a public road in the UK must be insured against causing injury to another person (ie a third party) and/or damage to their property. This is a minimum requirement, it is also possible to insure your own property against loss or damage.

The following sections describe the different types of insurance...

Third Party

This is the minimum cover required by law. It covers against injuries to other people, damage to other people’s property and the liability of passengers for accidents caused by them.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

The same as third party cover, but also includes accidental fire and theft. Often the insurer will require an excess, which means that you must pay the first part of the cost of any repair - this excess can be from £100 upwards - but it will reduce your premium.

Fully Comprehensive

This covers third parties, insures against accidental fire or theft and also covers accidental damage to your own car, the loss or theft of personal items from the car and medical expenses arising from personal injury. It also provides compensation for injury or death.

Specialist Cover

Specialist policies include reduced premiums compared with the mainstream insurers for the following:

Limited mileage
Policies that offer lower premiums for drivers who can stay within a fixed, lower-than-average annual mileage.

Popular with classic car owners and motorcyclists, many of whom do not use their vehicles in winter.

Policies that carry restrictions on mileage, types of use and, sometimes, precise types of car.

There are also specialist policies to cover certain groups of people or vehicle such as:
Female drivers
Senior drivers
Specialist insurer for specific make/madel

RAC car insurance

Car Insurance

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