07: Betting

If you are new to gambling and would like to find out more before you start betting, learn about odds calculations and types of bet. Read some common sense tips on how to analyse form to give you the best chance of a win, then use your recently acquired knowledge to have a flutter.

The examples relate to the sport of kings, horse racing, but the principles can be used for any type of bet.

Types Of Bet Explained

There are many many types of bet to suit all tastes. So many in fact that it can all look very confusing to the beginner. This section will show the novice how to work out their potential winnings for various bets and odds.

Choose one horse to win a race. If the horse wins the race, you win. The amount you win depends on the odds. Click Here to find out more about odds.

You bet on a horse that you think will be well placed - the exact position that you require depends on the number of horses that run in the race. .The odds that you will receive will usually be one-third or a quarter of the odds offered for picking a winner.
Number of Runners 'placed' position
Between 5 and 7 First or second
8 or more First, second or third
16 or more - handicapped race First, second, third or fourth

An each way bet is actually 2 separate bets. Half the stake is a win bet and half the stake is a place bet. The place part of the bet wins if the horse is 'placed'.

A forecast consists of predicting the 1st and 2nd horses in a race (a straight forecast) or even the 1st, 2nd and 3rd horses in a race (a tricast).

A multiple bet consists of predicting the result of more than one race. For example, a 'double' is a bet on the result of 2 races while a 'treble' is a bet on the result of 3 races. You only win if you predict all of the races correctly. There are many types of combination multiple bets - these require you to make selections in many races with lots of bets as doubles, trebles etc involving combinations of the selections.

An accumulator is a multiple kind of 'let-it-ride' bet. Make simultaneous selections on two or more races with the intent of passing the winnings of the first win on the bet of the following race selected, and so on. All the selections made must win for you to win the accumulator.

Returns on multiples is workd out by the first horse odds + stake, multiplied by the odds of the second winner.
For example £5 WIN DOUBLE
WON 2/1 WON 3/1
1st WIN - £5 X 2/1 = £10 + £5 stake = £15
2nd WIN - £15 X 3/1 = £45 + £15 stake = £60 total return.
You continue with this format for all other multiples.

The following table describes various muktiple bet combinations.

3 horses covered in 7 bets
3 Singles
3 Doubles
1 Accumulator
1 Winner will produce a return.

Round Robin
3 Horses covered in 10 bets
3 Doubles
1 Treble
6 Up and Down bets
1 Winner at 5/1 will return your stake

4 horses covered in 11 bets (22 EW)
6 Doubles,
4 Trebles
1 Four timer (accumulator)
Requires at least two winners (placed for ew bets) for a return.

Lucky 15
This is similar to a Yankee but with the addition of 4 singles making a total of 15 bets (30 EW)
4 Singles
6 Doubles
4 Trebles
1 Four timer (accumulator)
A single winner will produce a return.

This is similar to a Round Robin, but the extra horse brings the total number of bets to 23
6 Doubles
4 Trebles
1 Accumulator
12 Up and Down Bets
A single winner will produce a return.

Super Yankee
A 5 horse version of the Yankee, using 26 bets.
10 Doubles
10 Trebles
5 Four Timers
1 Accumulator
As no singles are covered, two horses must win for a return.

Lucky 31
As a Super Yankee but with 5 singles added to make 31 bets.
5 Singles
10 Doubles
10 Trebles
5 Four Timers
1 Accumulator
A single winner will produce a return.

Relay`s 5
A slimmed down version of the Each Way Super Yankee. The Doubles and Trebles are covered as win only to reduce the total bets from 52 to 32.
10 Win Doubles
10 Win Trebles
5 Each Way Four Timers
1 Each Way Accumulators
Two winners or 4 placed will produce a return.

57 bets covering doubles and upwards.
15 Doubles
20 Trebles
15 Four Timers
6 Five Timers
1 Accumulator
Two winners will roduce a return.

Lucky 63
A Heinz plus 6 singles, making 63 bets in total.
6 Singles
15 Doubles
20 Trebles
15 Four Timers
6 Five Timers
1 Accumulator

Relay`s 6
As a Heinz, but with reduced Each Way cover and amended stakes
15 x 10p Win Doubles
20 x 10p Win Trebles
15 x 2p EW 4 Timers
6 x 2p EW 5 Timers 1 x 10p
EW Accumulator Total stake is �4.54

6 Horses covered as 2 Patents, a Yankee and an accumulator, totalling 26 bets 6 Horses,
A,B,C,D,E + F
2 Patents ABC and DEF
1 Yankee BCDE
1 Accumulator ABCDEF

The TOTE uses pool betting where the bet stakes are pooled and the win payout is shared between the winning punters.

With the TOTE you do not know the odds, you get a share of the pool if the bet wins. (See www.tote.co.uk for further details on pool betting). Around 90% of all bets paid out by the bookmakers are on WIN singles.

Other types of TOTE bet include:

TOTE JACKPOT - Select the winners of the first six racing at the meeting nominated by the TOTE during the week.

TOTE PLACEPOT - Select a placed horse (as defined by the TOTE terms), in each of the six races at any nominated meeting.

TOTE QUADPOT - Select a placed horse (as defined by the TOTE terms), in each of the last four races, that would be in the PLACEPOT. Handy if your early selections are unplaced.

TOTE SCOOP 6 - Select the winners or placed horses in the six nominated races, as defined by the TOTE. Saturday & big meetings only. Worth an interest, especially when there is a roll-over, as there are 2 possible wins. All 6 winners, a place in each race, and a chance in the bonus race the following week, if you do get all 6 winners.

Odds Explained

Odds tell you how much you could win by placing a bet on your preferred horse.

The odds will change as the race draws nearer to the post time because the bookies make adjustments in accordance with how much money is being placed on each competitor. The more money, the shorter the odds.

The favourite will have the shortest odds because it has the most chance of winning, so more people will bet on it.

Odds-on means that the amount you win will be less than your total stake should your horse win. This situation often arises if one particular horse in the race is judged to be greatly superior to the rest.

Note: If you win your bet your stake is always returned to you.

Ways of expressing odds
There are three main ways in which odds are displayed

UK Odds
UK odds are displayed as fractions to calculate your potential return multiply your stake with the odds and as a result you receive your net winnings. Add your stake and you know what your total payout will be if you win the bet.

The odds are usually of the form x/y (e.g. 5/1, 9/5). Dividing x by y gives a ratio to 1. The smallest ratio or the largest amount of money on a number represents the favorite.

Payout is calculated by (odds ratio to 1) x bet amount + bet amount.

e.g.1 - For odds of 3/1, the approximate payout for a £2 bet is 3 x £2 = £6 + £2 = £8.00

e.g.2 - For odds of 5/4, the approximate payout for a £2 bet is 5/4 x £2 = £2.5 + £2 = £4.50.

European/Decimal Odds
When using European odds (decimal odds) just multiply your stake with the given odds and you know what your total payout will be if you win the bet. If you want to know your net winnings just deduct your stake from the total payout.

e.g. For odds of 1.7, simply multiply your stake by 1.7, the approximate payout on a £2 bet will be 1.7 x £2 = £3.40 (£2 of which is the original stake)

American Odds
A third method of displaying odds is used in America on sports events.

In the United States they view a bet from the 100,- USD perspective - either you have to place 100,- USD on your favourite team or you have to place a certain stake to win 100,- USD.
In American sports the second team named is the home team.

Using an American Football game as an example:
Chicago Bears +180
San Fransisco 49ers -260
To win $10 betting on the Bears you would need to $26.
Betting $10 on the 49ers, you could win $28 ($18 net winnings)

There is a simple conversion to american odds into decimal ones

49ers 100/260 + 1 = 1.39

Bears 180/100 + 1 = 2.8

Starting price
The SP or Starting Price is the odds available on a horse at the start of a race.

The SP is set by taking a rough average of the odds offered by the various bookmakers at the racecourse at the time the race starts.

Each way bets
An each way bet is really two separate bets. The first bet is a standard win bet. The second is a bet that your selection will get a place.

e.g. £5 each way = £5 to win and £5 to get a place.

Total staked = £10

Obviously a horse is much more likely just to get a place than it is to win. The place section of the bet is therefore paid out at reduced odds. These are normally either 1/5 or 1/4 of the win odds.

How To Pick A Winner

In racing you are the king......if you have the knowledge.

There is a mass of information available, regarding the runners, riders and trainers, course conditions, betting odds and so on. It is easy to get overloaded and swamped with all this, unless you carefully evaluate the factors and use the data to choose the best horse for a particular race.

A look at form in the racing papers and on-line will enable you to compare the ability of one horse with another. Here are some key points to consider.

- Has the horse won within the last 30 days?

-Has the handicap weight been increased or decreased since it last ran/won?

-Is the horse a frequent winner or has it had a few lucky wins?

-How does this race compare with previous wins - pace, distance, course, conditions, etc.?

-What was the winning margin last time?

-Will the same jockey be riding this time?

A horse's ability on a racetrack can be affected by many factors such as age, fitness, training methods, barrier draw, weight to be carried, distance of the race, the ability of the jockey and so on.

On Good tracks fast horses will win more races than slow horses, however rain affected surfaces are a big equalizer. That is where the plodder without the quick turn of foot can win races. It just keeps plodding away at the same pace.

Heavy weights on rain affected tracks bog down many class horses. On Good tracks weight is not so significant. However when a horse faces a weight rise in combination with a change from a good barrier draw to a very wide barrier draw there is a multipling affect of disadvantages.

A horse's ability to carry weight is a critical factor which cannot be ignored. Each horse has an individual weight level beyond which it cannot perform in races to anywhere near its natural ability.

A horse's form on individual tracks can be affected by any number of factors such as the weather, wind, track condition and rail positions. Some punters even take into account the distance the horse has to be transported from its stables to the race venue.

The ability of the jockey cannot be discounted when trying to evaluate a horse's chances of winning a race. A top jockey can make a big difference to the performance of a horse.

Course and distance are two main factors. If you know how the horse performs at a a certain distance and which to type of track it is suited (see UK courses for a track comparison) you will begin to get an idea of how the horse should perform, take into account weight carried, jockey, course conditions etc. etc. and you soon start to build up a picture of how one horse should perform against the rest.

Dont let your heart rule your head too often. You will often hear gamblers proudly announcing a big win, but what they don't often tell you is how much they have lost previously.

A flutter on the horses is good entertainment but if you don't want to get in trouble with your bank manager and you actually want to make some money, study the form carefully and follow, or develop a system. There are plenty of people offering 'proven' systems to 'beat the bookies'. Most of these follow common sense rules and as long as you are disciplined and stick to the basics there is no reason why you shouldn't come out ahead of the game.

The main rule : Don't bet more than you can afford.

UK Racecourses


UK Horse racing fixtures 2005

1st Catterick Bridge Cheltenham Fontwell Park Southwell(AW)
2nd Plumpton Southwell(AW)
3rd Exeter Folkestone Southwell(AW) Wetherby
4th Ayr Lingfield Park(AW) Wolverhampton(AW)
5th Hereford Lingfield Park(AW) Southwell(AW)
6th Ludlow Wincanton Wolverhampton(AW)
7th Musselburgh Towcester Wolverhampton(AW)
8th Haydock Park Lingfield Park(AW) Sandown Park Uttoxeter
10th Newcastle Taunton Wolverhampton(AW)
11th Leicester Sedgefield Southwell(AW)
12th Lingfield Park Newbury Wolverhampton(AW)
13th Catterick Bridge Lingfield Park(AW) Southwell(AW)
14th Huntingdon Kelso Wolverhampton(AW)
15th Kempton Park Lingfield Park(AW) Warwick Wetherby
17th Doncaster Plumpton Wolverhampton(AW)
18th Folkestone Southwell(AW) Towcester
19th Fakenham Lingfield Park(AW) Newcastle
20th Ludlow Southwell(AW) Taunton
21st Chepstow Musselburgh Wolverhampton(AW)
22nd Uttoxeter Catterick Bridge Haydock Park Lingfield Park(AW) Wincanton
24th Fontwell Park Southwell Wolverhampton(AW)
25th Leicester Sedgefield Southwell(AW)
26th Huntingdon Lingfield Park(AW) Wetherby
27th Plumpton Southwell(AW) Warwick
28th Doncaster Folkestone Wolverhampton(AW)
29th Ayr Cheltenham Doncaster Lingfield Park(AW)
31st Exeter Kempton Park Wolverhampton(AW)

1st Lingfield Park(AW) Southwell(AW) Taunton
2nd Leicester Lingfield Park(AW) Newcastle
3rd Kelso Southwell(AW) Towcester
4th Catterick BridgeFontwell Park Wolverhampton(AW)
5th Chepstow Lingfield Park(AW) Sandown Park Wetherby
6th Musselburgh Hereford Southwell(AW)
7th Sedgefield Southwell Wolverhampton(AW)
8th Lingfield Park(AW) Market Rasen Southwell(AW)
9th Carlisle Lingfield Park(AW) Ludlow
10th Huntngdon Southwell(AW) Wincanton
11th Bangor-On-Dee Kempton Park Wolverhampton(AW)
12th Ayr Lingfield Park(AW) Newbury Warwick Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
13th Ayr Exeter Hereford
14th Lingfield Park(AW) Plumpton Wolverhampton(AW)
15th Folkestone Newcastle Southwell(AW)
16th Musselburgh Leicester Lingfield Park(AW)
17th Sandown Park Southwell(AW) Taunton
18th Fakenham Sandown Park Wolverhampton(AW)
19th Haydock Park Lingfield Park Uttoxeter Wincanton Wolverhampton(AW)
20th Fontwell Park Towcester
21st Carlisle Lingfield Park(AW) Wolverhampton(AW)
22nd Lingfield Park(AW) Sedgefield Southwell(AW)
23rd Doncaster Lingfield Park(AW) Ludlow
24th Haydock Park Huntingdon Southwell(AW)
25th Kempton Park Warwick Wolverhampton(AW)
26th Chepstow Kempton Park Lingfield Park(AW) Newcastle
27th Musselburgh Southwell(AW)
28th Lingfield Park(AW) Plumpton Wolverhampton(AW)

1st Catterick Bridge Leicester Lingfield Park(AW)
2nd Folkestone Southwell(AW) Wetherby
3rd Lingfield Park(AW) Ludlow Taunton
4th Doncaster Newbury Wolverhampton(AW)
5th Doncaster Huntingdon Kelso Newbury
6th Kempton Park Market Rasen
7th Hereford Lingfield Park(AW) Wolverhampton(AW)
8th Exeter NewcastleSouthwell(AW)
9th Bangor-On-Dee Catterick Bridge Fontwell Park
10th Carlisle Towcester Wincanton
11th Ayr Leicester Sandown Park
12th Ayr Chepstow Sandown ParkSouthwell(AW) Wolverhampton(AW)
13th Southwell(AW) Warwick
14th Plumpton Stratford-On-Avon Taunton
15th Cheltenham Sedgefield Southwell(AW)
16th Cheltenham Huntingdon Wolverhampton(AW)
17th Cheltenham Hexham Southwell(AW)
18th Cheltenham Fakenham Lingfield Park(AW)
19th Bangor-On-Dee Lingfield Park(AW) Newcastle Uttoxeter Wolverhampton(AW)
20th Carlisle Fontwell Park
21st Hereford Lingfield Park(AW) Southwell(AW)
22nd Exeter Lingfield Park(AW) Wetherby
23rd Chepstow Lingfield Park(AW) Towcester
24th Ludlow Wincanton Wolverhampton(AW)
26th Carlisle Haydock Park Kempton Park Newton Abbot Wolverhampton(AW)
27th Musselburgh Plumpton Towcester
28th Fakenham Huntingdon Kempton Park Plumpton Redcar Sedgefield Warwick Yarmouth
29th Chepstow Pontefract Warwick
30th Exeter Folkestone Fontwell Park
31st Doncaster Lingfield Park(AW) Ludlow

1st Doncaster Lingfield Park(AW) Newbury
2nd Bangor-On-Dee Doncaster Kempton Park Newbury Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
3rd Kelso Market Rasen Wincanton
4th Southwell(AW) Wolverhampton(AW) Yarmouth
5th Folkestone Sedgefield Southwell(AW)
6th Catterick Lingfield Park(AW) Nottingham
7th Leicester Aintree Taunton
8th Lingfield Park(AW) Aintree Southwell(AW)
9th Hereford Lingfield Park(AW) Aintree Newcastle
10th Hexham Newton Abbot Worcester
11th Kelso Lingfield Park(AW) Southwell
12th Exeter Musselburgh Newmarket
13th Beverley Cheltenham Newmarket
14th Cheltenham Newmarket Ripon
15th Ayr Newbury Taunton(EVE) Thirsk Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
16th Ayr Bangor-On-Dee Newbury Nottingham(EVE) Thirsk Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
17th Carlisle Stratford-On-Avon Wincanton
18th Hexham Plumpton Pontefract Windsor(EVE) Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
19th Brighton(EVE) Folkestone Newcastle Southwell(AW) Towcester(EVE)
20th Catterick Epsom Lingfield Park(AW EVE) Perth Worcester(EVE)
21st Bath(EVE) Beverley Fontwell Park Perth Southwell(AW EVE)
22nd Chepstow(EVE) Newton Abbot(EVE) Perth Sandown Park(M) Wolverhampton(AW)
23rd Haydock(EVE) Leicester Market Rasen Ripon Sandown Park(M) Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
24th Brighton Ludlow Wetherby
25th Hamilton Southwell(AW EVE) Towcester Windsor(EVE) Wolverhampton(AW)
26th Bath Newton Abbot Southwell(AW) Warwick(EVE) Yarmouth(EVE)
27th Cheltenham(EVE) Exeter Kelso(EVE) Lingfield Park Pontefract
28th Hereford Kelso(EVE) Lingfield Park(AW EVE) Redcar Southwell(AW)
29th Bangor-On-Dee(EVE) Musselburgh Fontwell Park(EVE) Nottingham Southwell
30th Goodwood Hexham(EVE) Newmarket Thirsk Uttoxeter Worcester(EVE)

1st Hamilton Park Newmarket Salisbury
2nd Doncaster Kempton Newcastle Sedgefield Warwick
3rd Bath Catterick(EVE) Exeter(EVE) Leicester Ludlow
4th Chepstow Chester Fakenham
5th Chepstow(EVE) Chester Folkestone Newton Abbot Wetherby(EVE)
6th Chester Hamilton(EVE) Lingfield Nottingham Wincanton(EVE)
7th Beverley Haydock Park(M) Hexham Lingfield Park Newmarket Thirsk(EVE) Warwick(EVE)
8th Plumpton Uttoxeter Worcester
9th Kempton Redcartowcester(EVE) Windsor(EVE) Wolverhampton(AW)
10th Musselburgh Hereford Huntingdon(EVE) Newton Abbot(EVE) Yarmouth
11th Brighton Exeter Newcastle(EVE) Perth(EVE) York
12th Carlisle(EVE) Ludlow(EVE) Perth Salisbury York
13th Hamilton(EVE) Aintree(EVE) Newbury Nottingham York
14th Bangor-On-Dee Newbury Nottingham Thirsk Uttoxeter(EVE) Worcester(EVE)
15th Fakenham Market Rasen Ripon
16th Bath Musselburgh(EVE) Newton Abbot Windsor Wolverhampton(EVE)
17th Beverley Leicester(EVE) Lingfield Park Redcar Towcester(EVE)
18th Folkestone(EVE) Goodwood Kelso Sedgefield(EVE) Southwell
19th Doncaster(EVE) Goodwood Kelso(EVE) Newcastle Wetherby
20th Bath(EVE) Goodwood Haydock Newmarket Stratford(EVE)
21st Catterick(EVE) Haydock Park Kempton Lingfield Newmarket Stratford(EVE)
22nd Brighton Hereford Southwell
23rd Beverley Carlisle Leicester Thirsk(EVE) Windsor(EVE)
24th Lingfield Nottingham Ripon Sedgefield(EVE) Worcester(EVE)
25th Cartmel Fontwell Park Kempton(EVE) Lingfield Ripon(EVE)
26th Ayr Bath Huntingdon(EVE) Newton Abbot Wetherby(EVE)
27th Brighton Catterick Pontefract(EVE) Towcester(EVE) Wolverhampton(AW)
28th Cartmel(EVE) Doncaster Musselburgh Goodwood Hexham Lingfield(EVE)
29th Fontwell Park Newmarket Uttoxeter
30th Cartmel Chepstow Leicester Redcar Sandown
31st Carlisle Hexham(EVE) Leicester Redcar Sandown(EVE)

1st Beverley(EVE) Newcastle Nottingham Southwell(AW EVE) Yarmouth
2nd Brighton Hamilton Haydock Sandown(EVE) Uttoxeter(EVE)
3rd Epsom Goodwood(EVE) Haydock(EVE) Thirsk Wolverhampton(AW)
4th Chepstow(EVE) Doncaster Epsom Haydock Lingfield(EVE) Worcester
5th Bath Perth Stratford-On-Avon
6th Folkestone Newton Abbot Pontefract(EVE) Windsor(EVE)
7th Chester(EVE) Huntingdon(EVE) Redcar Salisbury
8th Beverley Hamilton(EVE) Hereford Market Rasen Newbury(EVE)
9th Brighton(EVE) Ripon Southwell(AW) Uttoxeter(EVE) Yarmouth
10th Catterick Chepstow(EVE) Goodwood(EVE) Sandown Wolverhampton(AW)
11th Bath Hexham Leicester(EVE) Lingfield(EVE) Ripon Sandown
12th Doncaster Salisbury Stratford-On-Avon
13th Brighton Thirsk Warwick(EVE) Windsor(EVE)
14th Carlisle Hereford(EVE) Newton Abbot(EVE) York
15th Chepstow(EVE) Hamilton Kempton(EVE) Worcester York
16th Beverley(EVE) Aintree(EVE) Newbury Southwell(AW) York
17th Ayr Goodwood(EVE) Newmarket(EVE) Redcar York
18th Ayr Lingfield(EVE) Newmarket Redcar Warwick(EVE) York
19th Hexham Pontefract Warwick
20th Musselburgh Nottingham Ripon(EVE) Windsor(EVE)
21st Beverley Brighton Newbury(EVE) Newton Abbot(EVE)
22nd Bath(EVE) Carlisle Kempton(EVE) Salisbury Worcester
23rd Hamilton(EVE) Leicester(EVE) Newcastle Salisbury Thirsk
24th Folkestone Market Rasen Newcastle(EVE) Newmarket(EVE) Wolverhampton(AW)
25th Chester Doncaster(EVE) Lingfield(EVE) Newcastle Newmarket Windsor
26th Uttoxeter Windsor
27th Musselburgh(EVE) Pontefract Windsor(EVE) Wolverhampton
28th Brighton Hamilton
29th Catterick Chepstow(EVE) Kempton(EVE) Perth Worcester
30th Epsom(EVE) Haydock Newbury(EVE) Perth Yarmouth

1st Beverley(EVE) Haydock(EVE) Sandown Southwell(AW) Warwck
2nd Beverley Carlisle(EVE) Haydock Leicester Nottingham(EVE) Sandown
3rd Brighton Market Rasen
4th Bath Musselburgh Ripon(EVE) Windsor(EVE)
5th Newmarket Pontefract Uttoxeter(EVE) Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
6th Catterick Kempton(EVE) Lingfield Newmarket Worcester(EVE)
7th Doncaster(EVE) Epsom(EVE) Folkestone Newmarket Warwick
8th Chepstow(EVE) Chester(EVE) Lingfield Wolverhampton(AW) York
9th Chester Hamilton(EVE) Lingfield Nottingham Salisbury(EVE) York
10th Haydock Perth Stratford-On-Avon
11th Ayr Newton Abbot Windsor(EVE) Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
12th Beverley Brighton
13th Catterick Kempton(EVE) Lingfield Uttoxeter Worcester(EVE)
14th Cartmel Doncaster(EVE) Epsom(EVE) Hamilton Leicester
15th Carlisle Hamilton(EVE) Newmarket(EVE) Pontefract(EVE) Southwell Warwick
16th Haydock Eve) Lingfield(EVE) Market Rasen Newbury Newmarket Ripon
17th Newton Abbot Redcar Stratford-On-Avon
18th Ayr Beverley(EVE) Brighton Windsor(EVE)
19th Ayr Yarmouth
20th Catterick Leicester(EVE) Lingfield Sandown(EVE) Worcester
21st Bath Doncaster(EVE) Folkestone(EVE) Sandown Uttoxeter
22nd Newbury Chepstow(EVE) Newmarket(EVE) Wolverhampton(AW) York
23rd Newbury Lingfield(EVE) Newcastle Nottingham Salisbury(EVE) York
24th Newbury Newmarket Pontefract
25th Sedgefield Southwell(AW) Windsor(EVE) Yarmouth(EVE)
26th Beverley Goodwood
27th Musselburgh Goodwood Kempton(EVE) Leicester(EVE) Newton Abbot
28th Carlisle Musselburgh(EVE) Epsom(EVE) Goodwood Stratford-On-Avon
29th Bangor-On-Dee Goodwood Newmarket(EVE) Nottingham(EVE) Thirsk
30th Doncaster Goodwood Hamilton(EVE) Lingfield(EVE) Newmarket Thirsk
31st Chester Market Rasen Newbury

1st Carlisle(EVE) Newton Abbot Ripon Windsor(EVE)
2nd Brighton Catterick
3rd Brighton Kempton(EVE) Newcastle Pontefract Yarmouth(EVE)
4th Brighton(EVE) Chepstow Folkestone(EVE) Haydock Yarmouth
5th Haydock(EVE) Lingfield Newmarket(EVE) Sedgefield Worcester
6th Ayr(EVE) Haydock Lingfield(EVE) Newmarket Redcar Windsor
7th Leicester Lingfield Redcar
8th Southwell Thirsk(EVE) Windsor(EVE) Wolverhampton(AW)
9th Bath Newton Abbot
10th Beverley Hamilton(EVE) Salisbury Sandown(EVE) Yarmouth
11th Beverley Chepstow(EVE) Haydock(EVE) Salisbury Sandown
12th Catterick(EVE) Folkestone Newbury Newcastle Newmarket(EVE)
13th Bangor-On-Dee Goodwood(EVE) Market Rasen(EVE) Newbury Newmarket Ripon
14th Bath Pontefract Stratford-On-Avon
15th Brighton Nottingham Windsor(EVE) Yarmouth(EVE)
16th Hamilton York
17th Carlisle Kempton(EVE) Nottingham(EVE) Worcester York
18th Chepstow Chester(EVE) Fontwell Park(EVE) Wolverhampton(AW) York
19th Ayr Chester Salisbury(AW) Sandown Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
20th Beverley Chester Lingfield(EVE) Newton Abbot Redcar(EVE) Sandown
21st Folkestone Newton Abbot Southwell
22nd Hamilton Leicester Windsor(EVE) Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
23rd Brighton Perth(EVE) Worcester(EVE) Yarmouth
24th Brighton Catterick Perth
25th Bangor-On-Dee Musselburgh Lingfield
26th Bath(EVE) Newcastle(EVE) Newmarket Salisbury Thirsk
27th Cartmel Goodwood Market Rasen(EVE) Newmarket Windsor(EVE) York
28th Beverley Goodwood Yarmouth
29th Cartmel Chepstow Epsom Huntingdon Newcastle Ripon Warwick
30th Leicester Ripon Sedgefield
31st Lingfield Newton Abbot York

1st Carlisle Redcar Salisbury
2nd Chepstow Haydock Kempton
3rd Folkestone Haydock Kempton Stratford-On-Avon Thirsk Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
4th Fontwell Park Worcester York
5th Bath Newcastle Warwick
6th Catterick Leicester Lingfield
7th Doncaster Epsom Uttoxeter
8th Chepstow Doncaster Epsom
9th Bangor-On-Dee Doncaster Sandown
10th Chester Doncaster Musselburgh Goodwood Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
11th Carlisle Goodwood Stratford-On-Avon
12th Musselburgh Folkestone Redcar
13th Salisbury Thirsk Yarmouth
14th Beverley Sandown Yarmouth
15th Ayr Pontefract Yarmouth
16th Ayr Newbury Nottingham
17th Ayr Catterick Lingfield(AW) Newbury Warick Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
18th Hamiltonplumpton Uttoxeter
19th Chepstow Kempton Leicester
20th Beverley Brighton Newmarket
21st Goodwood Perth Redcar
22nd Fontwell Park Perth Pontefract
23rd Haydock Lingfield Worcester
24th Newmarket Haydock Kempton Market Rasen Ripon
25th Newmarket Musselburgh Huntingdon
26th Bath Hamilton Wolverhampton(AW)
27th Goodwood Nottingham Sedgefield
28th Lingfield(AW) Newcastle Salisbury
29th Ayr Hereford Newmarket
30th Hexham Lingfield Newmarket

1st Epsom Fontwell Park Newmarket Redcar Southwell(AW) Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
2nd Kelso Market Rasen Uttoxeter
3rd Brighton Pontefract Windsor
4th Catterick Bridge Huntingdon Leicester
5th Exeter Nottingham Towcester
6th Southwell(AW) Wincanton Worcester
7th Carlisle Newbury York
8th Bangor-On-Dee Chepstow Hexham Salisbury Warwck York
9th Bath Goodwood Newcastle
10th Ayr Windsor Wolverhampton(AW)
11th Ayr Leicester Southwell(AW)
12th Lingfield(AW) Uttoxeter Wetherby
13th Ludlow Nemarket Southwell(AW)
14th Brighton Newmarket Redcar
15th Catterick Kempton Park Lingfield(AW) Newmarket Stratford-On-Avon
16th Musselburgh Hereford Market Rasen
17th Plumpton Pontefract Windsor
18th Exeter Southwell(AW) Yarmouth
19th Bath Newcastle Nottingham
20th Brighton Haydock Park Ludlow
21st Doncaster Fakenham Newbury
22nd Chepstow Doncaster Kelso Aintree Newbury Wolverhampton(AW)
23rd Aintree Towcester Wincanton
24th Leicester Lingfield Park(AW) Wolverhampton(AW)
25th Catterick Cheltenham Yarmouth
26th Cheltenham Nottingham Sedgefield
27th Lingfield(AW) Stratford-On-Avon Taunton
28th Newmarket Uttoxeter Wetherby
29th Ayr Lingfield Park Newmarket Southwell(AW) Wetherby Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
30th Ayr Carlisle Lingfield(AW)
31st Plumpton Warwick Wolverhampton(AW EVE)

1st Catterick Exeter Worcester
2nd Chepstow Kempton Park Nottingham
3rd Musselburgh Haydock Park Towcester
4th Fontwell Park Hexham Yarmouth
5th Doncaster Kelso Sandown Park Southwell Wincanton Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
6th Ayr Hereford Market Rasen
7th Carlisle Stratford-On-Avon Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
8th Huntingdon Sedgefield Southwell(AW EVE)
9th Bangor-On-Dee Lingfield Park Wolverhampton(AW)
10th Lingfield(AW) Ludlow Taunton
11th Cheltenham Newcastle Wolverhampton(AW)
12th Cheltenham Lingfield(AW) Southwell Uttoxeter Wetherby Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
13th Carlisle Cheltenham Fontwell Park
14th Folkestone Leicester Wolverhampton(AW)
15th Fakenham Lingfield(AW) Southwell(AW)
16th Hexham Kempton Park Southwell(AW)
17th Hereford Market Rasen Wincanton
18th Exeter Kelso Windsor
19th Haydock Park Huntingdon Lingfield(AW) Southwell(AW) Windsor Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
20th Aintree Plumpton Towcester
21st Lingfield(AW) Ludlow Southwell(AW)
22nd Sedgefield Southwell(AW) Warwick
23rd Chepstow Lingfield Park Wetherby
24th Carlisle Taunton Uttoxeter
25th Musselburgh Newbury Wolverhampton(AW)
26th Lingfield Park Newbury Newcastle Towcester Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
27th Doncaster Leicester Newbury
28th Folkestone Southwell(AW) Wolverhampton(AW)
29th Hereford Lingfield(AW) Southwell(AW)
30th Catterick Bridge Plumpton Wolverhampton(AW)

1st Leicester Market Rasen Wincanton
2nd Exeter Sandown Park Wolverhampton(AW)
3rd Chepstow Haydock Park Sandown Park Wetherby Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
4th Kelso Southwell(AW) Warwick
5th Lingfield(AW) Newcastle Wolverhampton(AW)
6th Fontwell Park Sedgefield Southwell(AW)
7th Hexham Leicester Lingfield(AW)
8th Huntingdon Ludlow Taunton
9th Cheltenham Doncaster Wolverhampton(AW)
10th Cheltenham Doncaster Lingfield Park Southwell(AW) Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
12th Plumpton Southwell Wolverhampton(AW)
13th Folkestone Southwell(AW) Warwick
14th Bangor-On-Dee Lingfield(AW) Newbury
15th Catterick Bridge Exeter Southwell(AW)
16th Uttoxeter Windsor Wolverhampton(AW)
17th Haydock Park Lingfield(AW) Newcastle Windsor
18th Musselburgh Southwell(AW)
19th Doncaster Lingfield(AW) Wolverhampton(AW)
20th Fontwell Park Lingfield(AW) Southwell(AW)
21st Lingfield(AW) Ludlow Wolverhampton(AW)
22nd Ayr Fakenham Southwell(AW)
26th Huntingdon Kempton Park Market Rasen Sedgefield Towcester Wetherby Wincanton Wolverhampton(AW)
27th Chepstow Kempton Park Leicester Southwell(AW) Wetherby
28th Catterick Bridge Newbury Wolverhampton(AW EVE)
29th Musselburgh Lingfield(AW) Newbury
30th Haydock Park Lingfield(AW)Taunton
31st Lingfield Park Uttoxeter Warwick Wolverhampton(AW EVE)

07: Betting

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