Fiat Stilo

In a world that moves at the speed of thought, you need a car that can keep up. If your idea of driving involves groundbreaking advances and fresh thinking, then the singular, sporting Fiat Stilo 3-door is for you. Sculpted, solid and inspiring, from its bold front air intakes, to its muscular side skirts and head turning rear light clusters, it defies convention, and defines a new class leader.

If your idea of driving involves ground-breaking advances and fresh thinking, then the spacious, refined and flexible Fiat Stilo 5-door will fit your life perfectly. Innovative to the core, the Fiat Stilo range is a benchmark for technology, style and comfort. Fiat Stilo 5-door models are versatile, elegant and equipped with the kind of technology and details you would find in more expensive cars.

The Fiat Stilo Multi Wagon offers all the room and comfort of an estate and the versatility of an MPV (Multi-purpose vehicle). It is a car of 21st Century design, as large as life, ready for any trip you may have in mind. Get into a Fiat Stilo Multi Wagon and you will find high equipment levels, technology and comfort you have never seen in this segment of the market before.


Fiat Stilo

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