Skoda Fabia

Stylish life. The New Skoda Fabia.

The Skoda Fabia one of few models in its class that is offered in three body variants; the compact hatchback, spacious and elegant estate and also classic saloon.

The Fabia is offered in basic equipment versions Junior and Easy (only hatchback) and Classic, Ambiente and the top luxury Elegance (all body variants). For the lovers of sporty driving style, we in addition have the sports variant of the hatchback, the Fabia RS.

The good price/utility value ratio makes the Fabia the best choice for wide spectrum of potential buyers, regardless of the body variant. The top quality production, state of the art technology, intelligent electronics and the best quality materials are for the Fabia as obvious as the perfect driving characteristics, or extraordinarily high standard of passive and active safety and reliability.

Each potential buyer will certainly be satisfied by the offer of engines; five petrol engines with power ranging from 40 to 85 kW and four diesels with power from 47 kW to the turbo diesel 1.9 TDI PD/96 kW for the RS.

The Fabia models offer an extraordinary range of equipment already in the basic versions of the individual variants. The more demanding customers, however, have a possibility to choose from an additional ample offer of options.


Skoda Fabia

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