Skoda Superb

This largest and most luxurious Skoda model line is proud of its state-of-the-art technology, original-design user-friendly comfort, and a broad assortment of added equipment, along with a palette of modern petrol and Diesel engines to choose from. Its foremost advantage however is space: its unusually comfortable interior, both for passengers in the front and rear seats, beats even many a competitor of more famous brands.

Already the standard version of the Superb offers extraordinary comfort to please the user. The features of the Classic version include clear-optics headlights, fog lights and Climatronic air-conditioning or electrical control on all windows.

The Superb stands out thanks to numerous creative and original solutions. Take the footboard, for example, or the front passenger seat whose back support can be folded in the middle, so that the rear seat passenger to make himself comfortable and stretch his legs, foldable elbow support between the rear seats, with storage space in it, beverage holder, and a case for a SkiSack or WetCase, special storage space in rear doors, where you can put your wet umbrella without any problem, because its design has a clever, built-in drain.

The model line comes with large assortment of petrol and Diesel engines. For the standard version, the Classic, there are 2.0/85 kW and 1.8 T/110 kW engines to choose from (with automatic transmission as an option). Those who favor Diesel engines may decide between modern 1.9 TDI PD/74 kW and 1.9 TDI PD/96 kW turbo Diesels (optional aut. transm.). Comfort and Elegance are offered also with a petrol engine 2.8 30 V/142 kW (optional aut. transm.) as well as 2.5 TDI/120 kW turbo Diesel with a manual six-gear or automatic five-gear transmission.


Skoda Superb

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