Tata Indigo

The Indigo is a comfortable, spacious, premium-features sedan with class-leading ride and handling characteristics in the midsize (C) segment. Developed on Tata Motors' highly successful car platform in Pune, the Indigo, launched in 2002, comes in three models of petrol and two models of diesel in six attractive colours.

The Indigo petrol comes with an 85bhp engine, while the diesel version is the only vehicle in this class with a turbo-charged engine. An extended wheelbase helps maintain a compact overall length while delivering large interior space. The different models of the Indigo are: the Petrol GLX, the Petrol GLS, the Petrol GLE, the Diesel LX and the Diesel LS.

Indigo Marina
The Indigo Marina story started following the success of the Indigo, and the realisation by Tata Motors that there was a market for a car that has the luxury of a sedan and the utility and convenience of a multi-utility vehicle. The Marina has the power, safety and luxury of the Indigo — and a whole lot more boot space.

source: tata.com

Tata Indigo

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