Volkswagen Passat

Since its introduction in 1973, the Passat has established a reputation for the highest quality standards. The new generation increases Volkswagen's lead in this area.

The minute you set eyes on the New Passat, your heart will beat faster with its distinctive styling, in particular through the imposing chrome-plated radiator grille, which is set to become a feature of future Volkswagens.

Add an extra touch of style, with the long wheelbase, track width, and low-set front end, all producing a striking appearance, giving a hint of the driving pleasure to come.

It's not just aesthetic appeal where the New Passat excels. Right from initial development, many features were designed to contribute to safety, such as the V-shaped engine bonnet, providing integral pedestrian protection. And with the galvanised body providing a 12-year warranty against corrosion, it's all testimony to Volkswagen's legendary build quality and precision approach.


Volkswagen Passat

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