Security devices

Many new cars have some kind alarm or immobiliser fitted as standard.

There are also many car security devices on the market. From steering wheel locks to theft tracking systems.

Most insurance companies require some type of security device fitted, and it is usually preferred that these are thatcham approved.

Types of security device

Thatcham list the following types of security device:

This system sounds an audible and possibly visual warning when the vehicle is tampered with.

Battery Back Up
A siren that has its own battery, which allows the alarm to continue to sound even if the car battery is disconnected.
Bonnet Locks

These lock the bonnet of the car, preventing thieves from attacking the engine compartment.

Coded Audio Equipment/ICE
The radio/stereo has a secret code, which stops the radio from working if stolen.

Coded Fuel Valve
This valve shuts off the fuel supply to the engine and requires a sophisticated code to run the vehicle. Ideal for diesels.

Dead Locking
This disables the normal lock functions and prevents a thief opening the car from the inside by breaking the window and operating the release handle or button.

DIY Security Markings
You - the vehicle owner, can mark your name and address in hidden parts of the vehicle, e.g. inside door skins, under the seat frames, using Dymo tape, ultraviolet pens, cards or similar. This helps to identify stolen vehicles.

Glass Break Detector
This sets off the alarm if a thief breaks a car window.

Glass Etching
All the glass on the vehicle, sometimes including headlamps, is etched with the vehicle's registration number and/or Vehicle Identification Number.

An immobiliser stops the vehicle from being driven away. There are two types:
1. Mechanical: These lock either the steering wheel, gear lever or pedals in position.
2. Electronic: These disable the vehicle's electrical system and engine.
Inclination Sensor
This sets off the alarm when it senses the vehicle is being raised or jacked up to tow the vehicle away or steal the wheels.

Microwave Sensor
A volumetric sensor designed to reduce the possibility of false alarms on soft top vehicles.

A paging device sends a signal to the owner, telling him the car is being attacked or stolen.
Passive Arming
The alarm/immobiliser is switched on automatically when you leave the car.

Perimeter Protection
If a thief opens any doors, boot/luggage areas or the bonnet, the alarm will go off.

Radio Key (Remote Control)
A tiny radio transmitter, which may operate the alarm/immobiliser and/or door, locks.

Random Code
This protects against "grabbing" as the Radio Key uses a different code each time the system is set and unset.

Locking Wheel Nuts
These help prevent a thief from stealing the wheels using a standard wheelbrace.

Side Screen Protection Film
A strong plastic film stuck over the side windows. This helps to prevent smash and grab theft attacks.

Thatcham Vehicle Security
Thatcham is a non-profit making organisation set up by Insurers to investigate the cost of repair after accident and to test original equipment and aftermarket security systems. Fitting a Thatcham tested system to a vehicle dramatically reduces the risk of theft.

Tracking Systems
Tracking devices fitted to cars send out signals, which help the police locate the vehicle if stolen.

Total Closure/Central Locking
Enable the whole car (doors, boot, sunroof) to be locked with just one operation of a key or remote control.

Touch Key
A key which operates the alarm/immobiliser, by direct contact with keypad.

This is a uniquely coded identification microchip, which can be used in an immobiliser key to help prevent a vehicle from being stolen.

VIN - Vehicle Identification Number
A unique 17-digit number, stamped on various parts of the vehicle. Before purchasing a vehicle, check the VIN markings for signs of tampering.

Visible VIN - 17 Digit
Number viewed from outside the vehicle adjacent to the left-hand windscreen pillar (passenger side).

Volumetric Sensor
This sets off an alarm if a thief enters the vehicle.

Alarm and Immobiler categories

An alarm or immobiliser system will be classified by Thatcham as category 1,2 or 3 depending on its functions:

[i:42c03f4c37]Category 1[/i:42c03f4c37]
Combined Alarm and Immobiliser
Key Features
• Alarm with full perimetric and volumetric detection, battery backed-up siren.
• Immobiliser isolating a minimum of 2 operating systems, passively armed.
• Anti-scan, anti-grab resistance of key codes.
• Coded fuel valve for L1.

[i:42c03f4c37]Category 2[/i:42c03f4c37]
Electronic/Electromechanical Immobiliser
Key Features
• Immobiliser isolating a minimum of 2 operating systems, passively armed.
• Anti-scan, anti-grab resistance of codes.
• Coded fuel valve for L2.
Category 2 →1[/i:42c03f4c37]
Alarm Upgrade (General Application)
Key Features
• Alarm with full perimetric and volumetric detection, battery backed-up siren.
• Anti-scan, anti-grab resistance of key codes.
• Upgrades a fitted Category 2 system to full Category 1 status.

[i:42c03f4c37]Category 3[/i:42c03f4c37]
Mechanical Immobiliser B
Key Features
• Immobiliser isolating a minimum of 1 operating system.
• Easy to arm and disarm.
• Attack resistance to a high level using a comprehensive range of hand-tools
• Permanently or temporarily installed.

Thatcham approved security systems

Systems approved by Thatcham (May 05) are:

Autowatch 160 RLi
Clifford Avital Maxx 1
Clifford Avital Maxx 3
Clifford Concept 300
Clifford Concept 500
Clifford Concept 600
Clifford Concept 650
Clifford Intelliguard 950
Cobra 7928
Cobra 8186/8
Flashpoint FP776 V2
Gemel GR 480
Gemel GR99 T
Gemini 7359 K1
Gemini 7590
GT Auto Alarms GT 136/142
GT Auto Alarms GT 636/444
Hamilton & Palmer Black Box 2
Laserline (S.p.A) 291 i
Laserline (S.p.A) 996 V3
Maxpower MP5
Meta Aquilla (Microwave)
Meta Aquilla M99/36T2
Meta M999T
Microscan AN 550
Scorpion 1014 T2
Scorpion 1018 T2
Scorpion 1218 T2
Selca FM7 11
Shurlok SK 30
Sigma S30
Sigma Sigma M30
Texalarm 2962
Texalarm 2972
Texalarm 2980 + AD 200
Toad Ai 606
Toad Compact C5
Vecta The New Cat 1

for further information visit the
thatcham website;

Security devices

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