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BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Mine hits deep seam of Papua unrest

Printable version Mine hits deep seam of Papuaignored by Jakarta When protesters killed five members of the Indonesian security forcesspurred by objections to theworld's largest copper and gold mine, operated by the US-based

When I was a little girl I used to be scared of the linen cupboard, but not of the darkness

Henning When I was a little girlbe scared of the linen cupboardover this new world. I fall fasterin Windhoek. The only time Dad ever said no, when we wailed from the back seat toand knew he was dead, and theend of theworld. Moek’s paw

World War 2 - Midway, Alamein, Guadalcanal, Torch, Stalingrad

Commander-in-Chief, asks for the loan of a fleet carrier from the Royal Navy. Anglo-US relations are strained when problems arise about the need to re-equip with US aircraft back to Royal Navy in World War 2 or return to Naval History

World Gold Council value market intelligence supply & demand

Jewellery Mine production Recycled Gold prices around theworld Market liquidity Industrial Mine production Unaccountedvirtually indestructible, all the gold that has ever been

Cyber Faery: My World

to start heading back to get the bus home. You definately need at least a week there. The place is huge!!! i was so tired when we got back i slept well that night! The Eurostar was great as well, people had been


runner-up position on the season-opening Monteclimbed to third in the FIA World Rally Championship as the series reached itsyesterday, Gardemeister was intent on cementingeased off a little when I saw Carlos' splitwere slower than mine. The second loop

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