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Buy DVLA Private Plates from £50

Search from millions of available car license plates. Huge savings on personalised number plates, too. Every transfer is conducted in strict accordance with DVLA regulations.

Buy DVLA Number Plates - from £69

Over 35 million number plates available, make your own or see our massive database. Members of all governing bodies. All provided on a certificate issued by DVLA Swansea. Fast, easy, safe and secure. Car Number Plates have been buying & selling UK vehicle registrations for over 20 years. Offering a reliable service and a growing portfolio of registration numbers - we will have the right reg for you.

The UK's Premier Number Plate Dealer

Speak to us 8am-11pm, 7 days a week. Save money on private plates with prices from £79, a price promise and free number plate magazine. Most registrations on your car within 4 days. Est 82.

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DVLA private number plates suppliers

Site help DVLAprivatenumberplates Out of the thousandsmisrepresent registrations on DVLAprivatenumberplates, or to corrupt numbers tonumberplatesPrivateDVLAnumberplatesDVLAnumberplates

Number plates, personalised number plates, car registrations. private number plates

Registrations E Prefix NumberPlatesDVLA Local Offices Acrylic NumberPlatesPrivate Plate Rallies NewCar NumberPlates | PrivatePlates | Registration Numbers | Vehicle Registrations | DVLA Information on the

Private Number Plates, DVLA Number plates from Create Your Plate

contact us for privateplates car registration history of numberplates forthcoming privatenumberplates find an unlisted dvlanumber plate buying a private plate selling privatenumber

Private Number Plates, Number Plates. DISCOUNT! Personalised Car Registrations

way affiliated to the DVLA. PERSONALLY YOURS REGISTRATIONSregistered frequent buyer of DVLA Registrations. PERSONALLY YOURS REGISTRATIONS is a DVLA registered numberplates supplier (No: 27154Updated PrivateNumberPlates Auction

Private Number Plates *BARGAIN GIFTS* Number Plates, Personalised Car Registrations.

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DVLA Personalised registrations *

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